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Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Attract Women - 6 Proven Strategies

Have you ever had a girl in your life you really liked, but unfortunately she didn't feel anything for you?
Or have you ever dated a woman you really liked, but for some reason she was losing more and more interest in you and the only thing you could do is watch till everything is over?

How To Attract Women - Strategy #1:

One of the most powerful ways for how to attract women is to be confident.
CONFIDENCE IS THE MOTHER OF ATTRACTION if you want so and if you don't know how to be confident NOTHING is probably working for you even if you know more techniques and methods than any other guy. You need a solid foundation. When most guys talk to a woman they feel attracted to they start to get nervous because they are afraid that she might not like them and reject them.

How To Attract Women - Strategy #2:

One of the things I've figured during the last several years is that WOMEN DON'T LIKE AVERAGE GUYS. Average guys are like average cars for beautiful women. They are everywhere, and nothing special. What they're looking for is the FERRARI which is rare and hard to get if not impossible if you don't have a lot of money.
The same happens at a party for example: When a really beautiful woman comes to a party most of the guys are just staying where they are and stare at her with open mouths. They are overwhelmed by her beauty and would be willing to do everything she wants from them and of course she knows that.

How To Attract Women - Strategy #3:

Another way for how to attract women is to simply don't give them a lot of attention. Beautiful women know how men are working and what they have to do to get what they want from them. They're used to be surrounded by guys who are overwhelmed by their beauty and willing to fulfil all of their wishes.
But if a beautiful woman meets someone like you now, who's not overwhelmed by her beauty and don't gives her a lot of attention she'll be definitively CONFUSED and will ask herself WHY you are NOT acting like all the other guys. You're again communicating that you're not an average guy and she will get more and more interested in you because of the fact that she's not able to look right through you.

How To Attract Women - Strategy #4:

You can take the concept of confusion even one step further and bring it up to the next level in order to attract women and make them interested in you...
That's right, I said bring it up the next level and the way you do this is by BEING A CHALLENGE TO THEM. You're not only giving her nearly no attention and stay totally unimpressed by her beauty, but also bust on her, tease her or even make some fun of her which is the VERY OPPOSITE of what all the other guys do. They would never dare and even think about busting, teasing or making fun of her.

How To Attract Women - Strategy #5:

So remember, when we first said that we feel pulled to things that are limited or a lot of people are competing for. You can use these principles to attract women by showing her that you are preselected, which means, showing her that other women like and want you and that you have a lot of options.
When she will see that there are a lot of other women (high competition) who think that you are the real deal, she will AUTOMATICALLY assume that you're something special and will be more likely to be attracted to you.

How To Attract Women - Strategy #6:

A big mistake that a lot of guys make is, that they go out with the aim of picking up women, getting phone numbers, getting laid...

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